Surrender Process
Part of Best Friend Rodent Rescue's mission is to rescue rats wherever needed. Our goal is to rescue rats, provide medical care, socialize if needed, and find them their loving, forever homes.

Surrenders will be taken on a space available basis. We will try to help whenever possible so, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will review each situation and determine if we have room within our rescue or in our volunteer foster homes for your rat(s). If we do not have room we can still offer to help you by listing your rats on our web site.

Complete and submit the surrender form below if you have animals you need to surrender to BFRR. As the rescue is an all-volunteer organization, please allow extra time for our response.
First Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Your location (city/state):
Number of rats being surrendered:
Where did the rats come from originally? If from a rescue or shelter, which one?
Approximate birth date(s) or age(s) of the rat(s):
Personalities/temperaments of the rats:
Names and ways of identifying all the rats being surrendered (ie. Mittens/White Face):
Are there any health conditions we should know about? Have the ever been to a veterinarian?
What kind of food are you currently feeding the rats?
In what type/size housing does your rat(s) currently live? Are you willing to send your rat's housing with them to BFRR?
Are you are willing to help transport or meet up to turn over the rats? How far (in miles) are you willing to travel?
Why are you surrendering your rats?
Please add any additional comments you feel would help us make the transition as smooth as possible for the rats.
Last Name:
How many are boys? How many are girls?