Donate Money to Best Friend Rodent Rescue

You can donate money securely online through PayPal to our rescue. 100% of the donated money goes directly to the rescue programs to benefit the animals and provide public education. Our rescue team is an all-volunteer crew!

Click the button below to donate any amount of money to Best Friend Rodent Rescue. Your donations go a long way, we buy all of our supplies in bulk and use donations to help as many animals as possible.

You can also donate when you shop at Amazon. ​A portion of each purchase you make at will be donated to Best Friend Rodent Rescue. Click below for more information.

Donate Supplies to Best Friend Rodent Rescue

Would you like to donate supplies to help the animals being housed at our rescue locations? Your gently used, no longer needed, pet supplies can be put to good use enriching the lives of our foster and in-shelter animals while they wait for adoption.

  • New or gently used fleece material and or blankets for hammocks and shelf lining
  • Gently used bath towels and other absorbent fabrics in larger sizes
  • Carefresh Bedding/Recycled paper pellet litter
  • Large Silent Spinner running wheels 
  • Large Rat Hammocks
  • 16 oz or bigger Water Bottles
  • Heavy Ceramic or Metal Food Bowls in All Sizes
  • Small animal carriers 
  • Chew Toys/Sticks
  • Harlan Teklad Rodent Lab Blocks
  • Cages with smaller bar spacing

​If you have supplies to donate, please contact us for the drop-off site nearest to you.