Adopting From BFRR
 Please be patient when contacting Best Friend Rodent Rescue. The Rescue is mostly based out of our founder's private residence with a small network of foster homes. Please be aware that we are an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501 (C)(3) rescue and shelter. While we have an amazing group of Directors, Volunteers and Supporters, unfortunately most of us have jobs, lives and families away from the rescue which makes it extremely difficult for us to respond immediately.

If you are interested in adopting, the first step of the process is for you to fill out and submit the ​​ Adoption Application Form located here on the website. Once you submit the application, you should hear from someone within about 72 hours. If you don't please reach out again to Adoptions@bfrrorg . Currently we are conducting adoptions on Sundays, with the occasional Saturday when the need arises.
We appreciate your patience!  
Adoption Fees
Adoption Fee Information

BFRR is an all volunteer operation and all our funding comes from donations, and a small portion, comes from adoption fees.
Intact rats are $15 for the first rat and $10 for each additional one. As long as you continue to adopt from BFRR in the future, the fee will remain $10. Due to the costs associated with spaying/neutering and the number of rats housed at the rescue, most rats are not spayed/neutered.
Adoption fees for rats that have already been spayed/neutered can be discussed at the time of adoption.

For reference, the rescue pays $105 ($30 exam fee + $75 surgery) for each Spay and $80 ($30 exam fee + $50 surgery) for each Neuter.  If you choose to spay or neuter your adopted rats through our Vet at the rescue pricing, the appointment needs to be made by the adopter within 2 weeks after adoption to get the rescue prices.​